Friday, May 14, 2010

Thomas Cup


Well, u guys knew that msia team defeated by China 3-0 in the Thomas Cup..whatever it is, congratulation to msia team which have been playing the games hardly and i think they have tried their best to win.but they're just unlucky....we have to accept the fact that The China team is very powerful and unbeatable...
The thing that douse me is, Msia supporters are tend to condemn rather than fully support the team...come is the player and try to play...then feel the bitter that the team have to experience with...It is unreasonable for them to play for fun, to be teased by their own supporters and to belittled by their opponents...

Thomas Cup

To criticize the team is not wrong as long as it is constructive.....not condemning...we just hope that someday, the msia team will seize the thomas cup and bring a proud to our country...and continuously support them.....then, i think they will succeed...

To forget the defeat, let's watch Thomas and Friends....hehe:)

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