Sunday, May 9, 2010



this is my first post ever in blogging since stop doing this a year ago..actually nothing to say much in the very 1st post as I’ve ignored my previous two blogs before this….how pathetic those blogs are…I’m so mean….

By putting my friends as my idols who have their own beauty blogs have blown my mind up to create the new one…and i hope this will be last longer….

writing is my hobby..i can write anything i want..but to blogging is not easy actually…it needs time, materials and creativity to do it…the biggest obstacle for me to blogging is, i lack of the blog would be boring, dull and unimpressive…if i just write whatever i want, may be it won’t fulfill the needs of the readers outside…..(especially my old friends who have started blogging since years and are very expert of this)……

so, piece of mind would be piece of yours too..

till then….

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