Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday Event (late update)


after about 3 weeks waiting for watching iron man 2, then it came true on last Sunday...late reservation has made us (ecah, aril and me: we were coursemates in 2007) sat in D row which was close to the screen..however, our view was okay and no need to head up....:).. overall, iron man 2 is an interesting and funny movie....i have never been keen to watch superheroes movies unlike iron man 2...it's exceptional...

After watching, we decided to fill the tank in secret recipe...so, we've enjoyed eating brownies cakes and iced chocolate bought by ecah....after never been meeting for almost 1 year, we talked much and chattering like there was nobody around.....but, it's such a relief....

The mouthwatering menu that we had after watching movie.....now, i realized that the brownies cake tastes good.

The part that we laughed half to death was when i told them about my friend who imagined that iron man 2 movie depicted about a man whose job is ironing clothes....hihi


so, would you like to watch iron man 2 if the poster of that movie is like the above picture?hihi.:)


  1. Ironman 2 was hilarious!
    sgt terhibur!!! =)

  2. udah tgk ker?best kan..rase nk tgk lagi..:)