Tuesday, December 7, 2010


salam to all

Story 1

right now, i have no idea to writing..i don't know why...may be my brain is too condensed resulted from the so long holiday..i want to reaffirm here that i hate long holiday too damn much.

When you are in the state of boring, your daily routines might not help you out the misery. of course, what we do daily is just what we through every day..nothing interesting...so I've tried to plan to go somewhere during the holiday..last week, i went to Kedah and Penang but not for the planned trip. it was just attending the reception..yes, wedding reception..it can't be described as holiday..

But again, all my plans are such a crap. when i try to figure out the costs, the place, transportation, the stay etc, wow! they are so "out of budget". so i crossed the plan and hop on the new one.unfortunately, still the same occurred.

i still keep thinking yearning for the best holiday in this month...hope, i will get the best place to indulge in...

Story 2

My nephew has undergone circumcise on last Sunday. it reminded me to my experience on circumcise. there are very wide gap between past and now. my nephew at this time, just after 2 days can walk properly with his pelikat. he also can have anything that he wants to eat. no dont's for him as the doctor also meant it. i was first shocked when the doctor with his slumber explained to me about that.

My nephew was also very happy like nothing big happened to him..to try it out, i scared him by saying that the doctor would cut the "thing" off and how painful it was. yes, it failed. good for him.

In this modern time, the tools also become more advanced. no pain at all..i valued it from looking at my nephew's face..he was just slumbering while reciting some Doa.

Story 3

Now in my house, there are three kids (2 nephews and a niece) and what do you expect from that? yes, it is really noisy and filled with laughter. they really made me realised that it is not easy to look after on them. in addition, two of them are my late brother's children and they lack of love especially from their father. so to take care of the orphans are more challenging compared to the children who have parent. they are so fragile, nonchalant and really hard to comprehend. yet they are scared of me because i am firm...hihi..

So those story above are randomly produced...

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