Friday, November 5, 2010



Recently, headlines of local newspapers portray about the victims of floods in the two northernmost states in Peninsular Malaysia, Perlis and Kedah...while the flood in Perlis is subsiding (until 4/11/2010), the flood in Kedah is worsening and expected to be "more harmful"following to weather forecast..this is an annually occasion due to easterly monsoon that basins substantial amount of rain...

Some people might said that this is just because of mother nature or else, is really a natural phenomenon..indeed it happens to complete her cycle...some might said that this is a disaster due to human's misbehavior or wrongdoings/do not oblige/do not worship or "whatsoever" to God.

whatever the interpretations are, every people who is experiencing bad weather have to take safety precautions and avoid to play with flood. within the inundating water, i can see children play delightedly and without parent's surveillance. I'm in daze. yes, may be i am too rigid about this but don't you feel sorry to hear about the death of people because they slipped off the bridge while swimming, died because of they were fishing nearby the river? is monsoon season and of course it is really HAZARDOUS..i would rather to be schematic by just staying put at home than playing outside where there are many possibilities to be injured, and the creep one, DIE....

As for safety measure, PARENTS should monitor their kids. every moment is crucial because kids are so agile. they are very excited and awaiting the season to happen..not just the parents, neighborhood also plays major roles as well as parents. if they really want to have fun by swimming or whatsoever, it must be under parent's surveillance to ensure the safety.

people always never take into consideration about it..when it had been happened, then they just realize that they lost their beloved ones..........

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