Thursday, September 30, 2010

pet lover konon

it is not easy to writing, especially in blog....just reflect on me...after an utter long rest, then i emerge to live up my not so beloved blog....;p..yes, as usual, my reason is i am lacking of sources, for me, my story is not as interesting as other bloggers who have infinitive thoughts and "out of box"...

since my last post about my colleagues who had transferred to their new school, (of course, they applied for the transfer), nothing much interesting happened as my life is so dull and drizzle. is it normal?or am i abnormal? but do i care? oh no...such a crap!!

but the very best part of my life that happened lately is, i have learn about respectability. please respect people's privacy and rights..yes, it is indeed their rights! as you know that something is really theirs, so no need to be bloody stupid to say that it is yours and ignore about it..

the very best example is in you know that your neighbor is so concern about hygiene and clean environment, so don't pollute it even you do a bit...a bit for you, a massive hurt for them...i don't really know why people love cat so much by acting pretentiously, hugging the cat but in the real, they don't even bother to feed the cat and chase them away...latter the cat has become a "beggar" and comes neighbor's house and bugging them...what a brain damaged people!!! you got profit because you are a pet lover without providing a shelter for it....but it shelters under or on your neighbor's car...and on the next day, the cat left a really deep in meaning signature on the car..(scratch)...oh..what a stupid pet lover konon!!!!

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